About Skillzbook

SkillzBook is a powerful tool for a corporate that is serious about driving talent development, performance management and business growth. SkillzBook can provide your training department with a library that boasts more than 70 Business Courses, which can be done as pure e-learning programs, or as facilitated programs. Take the hassle out of having to find great material – SkillzBook’s content is professionally developed and meets the internationally renowned scorm standard. SkillzBook covers all known business training requirements. This means you have access to a wide range of professional training programs at the press of a button. However, if you have in-house training that you prefer to use, SkillzBook can customize your programs and load them onto SkillzBook for easy delivery in-house. Corporate Training has never been so easy – so contact us for a quote today.

SkillzBook can provide a full service e-based Learning department. The offering includes:

Development of Normative Job descriptions, aligned to corporate strategy.

  • Develop a Performance System that measures actual performance and identifies GAPS.
  • Provide solutions to GAPS via continuous analysis and access to the Corporate Training Library.

SkillzBook also has a powerful Learner Management System, called Sigma7.

  • With Sigma7, a company can now match qualifications to jobs, and identify required skills and KPI’s to build Job descriptions that can be used to drive performance.
  • On SkillzBook, performance records can also be used for recognition of prior learning and so enable talent development, personal growth and further qualifications.
  • The online Learning component is also available to all Training Providers.
  • The Sigma7 system operates as a dashboard that enables the corporate user to project manage education and training in a five step process, each with distinct quality control features.
  • SkillzBook can track learners with a lifelong skills accounts, and report over time, on effectiveness of skills. Employment levels versus skills can be tracked.

To the individual user:

  • SkillzBook provides a lifelong skills account. A place to record and store learning. A way to build a skills base, step by step.
  • SkillzBook provides an online CV. The user simply needs to populate a profile and click on a CV generator button.
  • In addition SkillzBook, will facilitate a Personal Development Plan as well as a Vision Board.
  • SkillzBookCollege, a separate, mobile application, can also provide the individual with access to specific skills to refine a profile for specific job opportunities.



  • To the Corporate User, SkillzBook provides a suite of tools to manage performance and skills auditing of its personnel. SkillzBook thus enables effective human capital resourcing and dynamic, interactive staff files and data solutions. SkillzBook.com is as good as having an in-house Television Station to talk to all staff, or a virtual staff room with access to all staff. Tailor-made marketing will follow based on a sophisticated understanding of our users and their aspirations. The purpose of SkillzBook.com is to establish content-based pages. These pages will develop a community of users by offering value-based content – some free of charge. Content will vary from CV templates to Personal Development Planning. SkillzBook is engaged in continuous research to add product to the offering.
  • SkillzBook International PLC is incorporated in the UK. Further development of SkillzBook.com will be conducted in South Africa, to take advantage of service providers well-known to the Company. This is done in cooperation with RIMS (Pty) Ltd, a related company and supporter of SkillzBook. Skillzbook.com is owned by SkillzBook International PLC. RIMS (Pty) Ltd has been contracted to assist with the development of skillzbook.com.
  • Our aim is to greatly enhance human potential and enable the aspirational individual to achieve their goals. The Directors believe success requires the ability to capitalize on opportunity; planning; vision; and resolve.

Revenue streams will be developed from multiple sources:

  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Human capital management systems
  • Online learning, which is embedded as a career tool in SkillzBook.com
  • CPD management and Premium Services to the individual
  • Educational technology such as Edugaming
  • Tailor made marketing
  • [Verification and tracking] of personal data on a legally compliant basis
  • Strategic skills development for corporate clients

SkillzBook.com provides a content-based website for the purpose of generating revenue.  It is anticipated that the website will develop a community of users by offering valuable content, a great portion of it free of charge.  Online learning, CPD, Performance Management and Learner Management Systems, are all premium services.  Corporate users will have the ability to use the system as an Integrated Human Capital Management System. This corporate application includes the project management of skills gaps, skills auditing, in-house training and delivery of mass communication to staff.

The sector

The principal constituents of the Social Media sector include:

  • Blogging
  • Photo posting and photoblogging
  • Friend to friend posting
  • Making professional connections
  • Job Hunting
  • Network building

The Directors believe SkillzBook.com adds considerable value to Social Media by bringing education, training and skills development as a product to Social Media. They also believe that with personal development being a driving factor, the user has a reason for using a SkillzBook.com account to plot, monitor and promote career development, thus creating a showcase portfolio of achievement.

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